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About Leads One

Leads One is a networking and business leads group that meets 7:30 - 8:30am every second and fourth Thursday morning at the City Club Raleigh. The group is category exclusive (only one member allowed per industry/business type), and is open to members of the City Club Raleigh.


What’s the most efficient way to put additional sales people on your team… without hiring anyone? Put the power of The City Club Raleigh Leads One Networking Group to work. Leads One is a group of professionals dedicated to growing businesses in the group.

The City Club Raleigh Leads One’s goal is to develop strategic partnerships with other members, while sharing business opportunities and intelligence to help them grow their businesses. The City Club Raleigh Leads One Networking group is not only a good source of referrals to meet prospective clients, but also a place to learn the business models of a diverse economic community. Unlike other leads group, members have not only developed better leads but excellent, good-humored camaraderie.


While the City Club Raleigh Leads One Networking Group plays a vital role, so too does being active in the Club and attending Club programs. The combination of Club membership, active participation, and activity is an important way to capitalize on the value of your membership.

By getting to know more about the businesses of other members, and attending many of the Club’s programs, one can regularly generate qualified leads from other members and attendees. Sharing of leads and input is definitely a two-way street in the City Club Raleigh Leads One Networking Group, and the rewards are many as members actively work to help one another.

Exclusivity, Membership Requirements

In a nutshell, it works like this:The group admits only one member per business category. This insures that no members compete for the same leads. Where there are potential niche conflicts, group leaders explore ways to resolve potential problems. In addition the City Club Raleigh Leads One participants must be current members of the Club, and actively participate and attend meetings.

Currently, the group includes between 25 and 30 regular members. 7:30 breakfast meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Thursday morning at the City Club Raleigh.

Get Connected

The City Club Raleigh is Raleigh’s premier business club—the Club features the finest in Social and Business Entertaining, state-of-the-art business, telecommunications and meeting facilities in combination with a tradition of gracious personalized service.

The City Club Raleigh provides a network of comfortable and inviting venues for members to meet and entertain clients and associates; this is accomplished in an environment skillfully integrating personalized service and technology within a business-conducive atmosphere; orchestrated to support and leverage the business objectives of the membership.

The diversity offered by the Club’s members—over 2,400 of Wake County’s leaders in Government, Law, Industry, Business and Education—creates an unrivaled energy and spirit in this downtown setting.