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Gallimore & Associates

Commercial Real Estate, CIPS

Debbie Gallimore,
CEO-Principal Broker

 919-400-2790 •  919-588-3240

At Gallimore and Associates, we concentrate our practice on individual investors seeking to achieve their individual goals. Our investor clients have different life needs, different goals, and different interests.

We take the time to get to know our clients, their goals, needs, and capital capabilities.

We then take this information and execute what we call the “Investor Portfolio Development Plan” ℠. Each plan is unique…as unique as our clients. So, wherever you find yourself in life, we can help you develop a plan to succeed in real estate investing. It’s not an overnight plan because success is not an overnight thing. But, with a plan and dedication to it, we can help you achieve it.

Sometimes the plan will be you starting with your first property. Sometimes it’s reviewing an existing portfolio and determining if each property fits your current life structure and needs. And, sometimes it’s helping you put together a team of professionals that can make a development project become a reality.

Wherever you are in your real estate investment life,
we can help!