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Personal Safety at Work

Personal Safety and Security Consulting

Jerry McCormick,

 9194143672 •  9194143672

PO Box 484, Cary, NC 27512


​Jerry McCormick is the President of Personal Safety at Work, where he utilizes his 30 years of experience as a Police Officer, now retired police Captain, and 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps to help you live safer. Jerry has become a personal safety expert that researched more than 300 incidents of Active Shooter cases to train first responders to these terrible incidents. In 2011, Jerry began researching the concept that police officers are rarely, if ever, victims of a crime while away from work with their families and friends. He has interviewed more than 10,001 police officers in America, Europe & China on why police officers are rarely victims of Person on Person Crimes to help employees and conference attendees learn how to deal with a myriad of workplace and public threats that extend beyond active shooter situations. Personal Safety at Work has expanded their online and live offerings to include Distracted Driver Training and Turnkey Fleet Safety Management Programs. Distracted Driver accidents cost the insurance industry $60 Billion each year. This course is designed to increase safety, reduce injuries, reduce damages to property and vehicles, reduce lost time at work from accidents and improve confidence when operating a motor vehicle.

Personal Safety at Work has associated itself with several companies that offer safety products that can help you live safer. netZero-USA is the best LED light in the lighting industry. Made in the USA. They have over 300 lights with a 10-year unlimited warranty. TrypScore is a great, gamified Distracted Driving App. Punch Alert is a wearable notification system to help keep your employees safe. And we work with Total Medical Compliance to provide Workplace Violence Prevention, De-Escalation, Conflict Resolution and Distracted Driver Training to Medical Practices across the country.