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Selling From the Heart

Sales Training Solutions/Business Development

Jacqueline (Jackie)  Joy,
Business Development | Training and Development Specialist

 321-693-2458 •  321-693-2458


Selling from the Heart - provides Sales Team Training, Sales Kickoff meetings, and Individual Coaching SOFT SKILLS THAT YIELD HARD DOLLARS Enable your sales team with the skills they need to build trust faster. ​TRUST IS THE GAME CHANGER Without trust, sales reps struggle to get appointments close deals, and maximize revenue from accounts. With trust, sales move smoothly through the pipeline. Does your sales team have the skills to build TRUST quickly? Are you finding deals stuck in the funnel? Do you feel frustrated at the lack of cross-selling/up-selling results? We understand how frustrating it can be to feel like things are stuck in the funnel which is why we developed sales training focused on building trust to close deals and expand wallet share in complex sales. Right now we are driving success inside some of the world’s largest and most successful companies in industries like SaaS, financial services, and healthcare.